Montreal Game Jam Winner!

Hey all! I’m still hard at work on all those projects I’ve mentioned recently, but I have even more fun news to talk about: I participated in a game jam two weekends ago! It was the Champlain College Montreal Street Art Game Jam, which is a mouth-full to say but it was still really fun and a good experience! The concept behind the jam was that we would form our teams and head into the city to look around for some cool street art. When we found one we liked, we had to use the art as inspiration for our game. We had around 60 hours to work, so there wasn’t any time to waste!

My team, Celery Squad, was composed of myself as the designer and producer, as well as the following people:

  • Zach Phillips, designer and character artist
  • Aiden O’Connor, sound and UI designer
  • Karim Elzanaty, programmer
  • Michael Zheng, programmer

Our team went out into the city and found a variety of awesome pieces of art, but this untitled one by the artist known as Dede really stuck out to us because of how the bird was constructed of buildings and various materials.


When we got back, we had a goal in mind: keep in scope!! Many of us had done game jams before with games that just were too out of scope, so we set out to create a game we were fully satisfied with in the short time period. We ended up concepting a game where the player controls a bird that is flying upwards as debris and garbage fell. We planned out the game and got to work. While the game started as Zach’s idea, he ended up spending most of his time on art and that left me to “produce” and make sure everyone was on the same page and make the tough decisions when Karim and Michael had questions.

B3+eRoAt the end of the two and a half days, we were extremely happy with the product we’d made and we presented it to the teams and awaited judgement. The judges were a designer from Ubisoft, a designer alum from Behaviour Interactive, and our Montreal program’s director. We were judged not only on the fun and design of our game, but also how well it incorporated the themes of our street art piece and Montreal as a whole. When the dust settles, our game, Flutter and Clutter, came out on top! You can learn more about the game and download it at its page found here.

It was a really awesome experience being able to get away from my long-form projects and just create something short and sweet. The fact that we won was just icing on the cake!

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