About and Resume


My name is Tim Carbone and I am a Systems and Technical Designer. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Champlain College of Burlington, VT in 2020 majoring in Game Design with a minor in Game Programming. I am originally from Haverhill, MA. I have significant experience from school across a dozen projects with roles including Lead Designer, Technical Designer, Producer, Programmer, and Product Owner. In particular, I have worked a lot with designing and implementing reward/progression systems. I perform well in team environments, can program and script efficiently, and write exceptional documentation.

I also have a good amount of experience outside of school. In 2019, I was a Design Intern at Disruptor Beam in Massachusetts working on both Archer: Danger Phone and an unreleased character collection RPG based on a popular franchise. After graduating, I have worked as a Game Designer on two separate contracts with mobile game development studios.

I was the founder of Champlain College’s Game Leadership Group which allowed game development students across the school’s 4 game majors a space to network, run events like game jams with like-minded individuals, and give a voice to the students. In particular, we enabled the voices of students from minority or under-represented groups.

I’ve spent the past 5 years writing game design and story analysis pieces under the blog name Vicious Undertow. Some past pieces on my deprecated IGN-hosted blog garnered attention from many developers and one was even featured on IGN’s homepage.┬áMy current blog can be found here.

My favorite types of games to play are action-adventure, puzzle games, and narrative-focused games. My favorite games include Shadow of the Colossus, Transistor, Outer Wilds, and Splatoon 2.