Sixteen Second Smoothies

Sixteen Second Smoothies is a color-based puzzle game where the player must work at a fast-service smoothie shop making smoothies using food and pieces of garbage. Players use an Instagram picture of a smoothie to determine what color ingredients to use, then quickly create the order to make the money needed to pay off their weekly bills.


Role: Designer, Programmer, Artist
Software: Unity
Development Cycle: ~8 weeks, October-December 2017
Team Size: 1
Purpose: Semester project for design course
Target Platform: Mobile (playable on PC)

Download Here

As part of my Principles of Game Design course, I had to design and physically prototype one game of a specific genre and theme each week for five weeks, and then I had to refine one of them and convert it into a digital game. The theme for the week I conceived¬†Sixteen Second Smoothies was “Any Colour You Like” and it had to be a puzzle game designed for mobile.

This was easily my most intensive project to date, and as such it taught me a lot of things. I learned a system that works for me when designing a game, how to fail faster in order to iterate, and the amount of little tasks that go into crafting an entire game. I also learned that I am very far ahead of my classmates when it comes to time management, organization, and presentation ability.