Hide The Body


Hide the Body is a 2D stealth game where the player controls a ’50s murderous housewife who must destroy the evidence of her latest murder as the police search her house of horrors. The housewife must clean up blood splatters and destroy the pieces of evidence in the most logical place in order to avoid suspicion.


Role: Co-Designer, Co-Programmer
Software: Unity
Development Cycle: 4 hours
Team Size: 7
Purpose: Game Jam
Target Platform: PC

Download Here

This game was developed by me and 6 other students as part of an extremely short game jam. I only knew 2 other people on the team prior to the game jam, and we were tasked with creating a game in 4 hours with the theme “Haunted House”.

While we only got to complete 1 simple level and we had the idea to have ghosts of the killer’s victims that would possess the player character to give minor debuffs, we got stylized menus, a short in-game song, and some gorgeous art in just 4 hours which I was extremely proud of. After I led the main design of the game, I spent the rest of the jam programming the player character and object interactions.