Fergasaurus Wrecks


Fergasaurus Wrecks is a 2.5D endless runner platformer where the player must control a dinosaur teacher trying to escape an army of angry skeleton students by tricking them into running into pits and spiked doors. The player can flip spiked doors and trapdoors open and closed in order to keep the dinosaur going and stop the skeletons.


Role: Lead Designer
Software: Unity
Development Cycle: ~6 weeks, October-November 2016
Team Size: 4
Purpose: Production project with team
Target Platform: PC

Download Here
Includes game and documentation

The team developed the game during a production class with game design, art, programming, and management students. The game is an inside joke involving a Champlain College professor and the many failing game major students at the time the game was made.

Making this game was a challenge as this was only our second game in our first semester at school. However, I ended up leading the team and honing my documentation and system design skills. This project introduced me to systems design and showed me that I can effectively lead a team when needed.