Beat Your Meat Simulator

Beat Your Meat Simulator is an outrageous turn-based strategy game where the players must lead teams of Space Butchers in meat-based combat. Utilizing the dangerous machinery and moving conveyor belts, players must chain together attacks that knock their units around the battlefield in order to succeed.


Role: Lead Designer, Lead Producer
Software: Unity
Development Cycle: ~3 weeks, January 2018
Team Size: 5
Purpose: Game production course project
Target Platform: Tablet and PC

Download Here

As the first project of three for my Production I class this semester, my team was tasked with creating a head-to-head turn-based strategy game. Going into it, I wanted to reuse a mechanic from a previously-unsuccessful project where there is zero-gravity combat where the attacks affect the location of the units on the board. In addition, my team decided they wanted to go in a tongue-in-cheek, humorous direction with the game, which is where the title and space butcher theme came from.

This project was a great way to get back into a team environment after a year of creating projects on my own. I was able to flex my skills as a lead designer through weekly iterations, and I was also able to hone my leadership skills as I took the mantle of producer for the project, as well. This had be balancing my design work with meeting organization, business documentation, and management duties. I was glad to take these two roles on as they tested my abilities in multiple areas and made me more confident in my leadership skills.